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Monitor Risk

Make a plan and take control of your circumstances so you can know where the money is going and make use of the capital to grow your business.

Manage Cash

Build a solid list of where your money should be going to avoid more losses and increase chances of more profit.

Model Scenarios

Have all the necessary tools to study all possible scenarios in your business to effectively create a cashflow plan and keep your business thriving.

84% Of Wellness Centers Lose Tens of Thousands of Dollars Due to a Lack of Cash Flow Management.

According to the research done by U.S Bank, the lack of a developed cash flow management in any business creates problems both externally and internally. During the early stages of the growth of 82% of small businesses’ expenses usually exceed greater than revenue. They try to figure out how to manage the whole operations of the business whether its sales, marketing, admin costs, contractor relationships, etc creates a lot of extra spending.

Cashflow planning is critical to prevent a business from going under which leads to most shutting down. It helps remove liabilities that hinder growth and increases benefit realization. The faster you grow, the more financing you need. And the more financing a business requires, the better it is for the owner to know where the money is going whether it can help the business scale or not.

In one specific survey, we found that 84% of health care leaders believe inaccurate financial implementation is the main cause of revenue losses. Tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars are being lost due to human error and how wellness centers aren’t able to assess the flow of every financial transaction spent.

What Others Say

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You’ve helped me a lot Tom! I appreciate the help with Trello and the pricing calculator. I didn’t even ask, you just offered and gave freely. I appreciate you and know that if I needed something that you’d always be willing to help if you could.

- Stephannie Inslee

If you are a business owner who needs a diligent set of eyes on your books, Tom is your man. I have worked alongside Tom professionally this past season and he has demonstrated that he will go to great length to find solutions that serve his clients well.

-Robin Angaiak

Tom is always ready and willing to help whenever anyone in the group post a problem or request help on how to handle a particularly sticky bookkeeping situation that needs a voice of wisdom and reason. He has certainly been helpful to me in my many crises as a new bookkeeper and I look forward to reading these postings just to hear his special insight on how things go. Thanks Tom, for your sunny, yet very candid personality!

-Frances Nesbitt-Hogue

Tom is not only full of wisdom and great ideas. He is extremely caring and always giving, over and beyond without expecting anything in return. I have learnt so much from him in my time at the academy.

-Lola Fadayiro

Tom Bliss cares and ready to do everything he can to help find solution for others. Ready to share information

-Carine Mubeya Kabwasa

Tom Bliss is extremely helpful in finding solutions to problems. He provides caring and thoughtful consideration for those in need!

-Valerie Unruh

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  • You want to determine where the money is leaking. Start improving your system and work towards a profitable and scalable business that becomes an ATM machine.

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